I want to introduce myself. My name is Kelly Miles and I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children who fill my heart with joy and love (three if you count our fur-baby, Rocky Bear).

I was born and raised in Scotland, before moving to the United States in High School. I still have an accent (although not as strong as it once was but it comes back with fury when I visit back home) but I also throw in a few southern twang words, too. Yes, Scotland is amazing and beautiful. Yes, you should plan a visit. Yes, I'd love to help you plan a holiday to Scotland.

My love for photography goes hand in hand with my love for traveling, exploring, and having new adventures. For me, photographs are a way to document my family's life and capture memories. My children's lives are well documented and each photograph tells a story. When I look at a photograph of my children as babies or a photograph from a family vacation, I am immediately transported back to that moment. The memories flood in and I begin to remember moments and emotions I felt from that time.

Photographs, to me, freeze memories. That's my aim when I photograph my clients. I want to create beautiful art that they can display in their homes for years to come, but more importantly, I want to capture and freeze memories.

I have been very lucky in that I have photographed my clients in several states, including Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

I am fortunate  that my clients come back for each milestone and family photographs. We build a relationship where we chat about our lives and get to know one another on a more personal level. It's a wonderful to start photographing a child as a newborn and watch them grow through my camera lens.

Many people feel strange meeting someone with a camera. It's not just children who get camera shy. My sessions are relaxed (and I'm really chatty and love talking to people), my clients begin to relax and open up. Our session together will be fun. We will laugh, joke around, and enjoy our time together. When people feel at ease, they smile more genuinely and create more honest photographs.

That's what I hope to do - capture honest memories.

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